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Mark Tolstrup
Mark Tolstrup and Friends
New Orleans Jazz meets Delta Blues
New Orleans traditional Jazz meets Delta Blues. Mark Tolstrup on vocals, slide guitar and tenor banjo, accompanied by a stelar cast of great musicians. Mark has been performing his passionate interpretation of Delta Blues in the Saratoga Springs area for many years solo and with acoustic and electric bands. Marks is joined by musical friends in a trios and quartets with melody players Woody Strobeck - trombone, Steve Lambert - trumpet or Frank Orsini - fiddle and Ernie Belanger - tuba, Pete Toigo or James Gascoyne - bass. Together they produce a sound from the roots of American music moaning low with the blues and rollicking with the joy of traditional jazz of New Orleans.

Street Corner Holler

Mark Tolstrup - Slide guitar & vocals

Dale Haskell - Drums & vocals

Tony Markellis - Bass

STREET CORNER HOLLER: Roots, Blues & Raw Americana

Yeah, you could say that Street Corner Holler are traditionalists, but you
won't find an academic bone in their bodies. They don't play blues that
you can learn from books. Out in the cold and the rain, the street-corner
sound of Mark Tolstrup and Dale Haskell has been honed to grab the
audience by the throat as they try to stroll by. There's no time to play
it safe. There's no opportunity for a second chance.

Between the streetlamp and the gutter, it's all or nothing. And Street
Corner Holler gives it their all - whether it's an intimate coffeehouse or
a rowdy outdoor festival. Whether it's the two-man army of Tolstrup and
Haskell or whether they've got the powerhouse support of bassmaster Tony
Markellis, when he's not busy playing with Trey Anastasio.

You can tell when the music ain't real, hear it like a warning siren that
splits open the night. You can hear the false notes played. The lies being
sung. The trying-too-hard-bravado of the ever-growing parade of
Oh-I'm-so-lonesome wanna-be bluesmen.

But that's not Street Corner Holler. They're the real deal. These guys
ain't foolin' around. For their brand new self-titled album, Street Corner
Holler brewed up a raw, fearless, righteous mix of swamp boogie, buzzsaw
blues and delta stomp.

It's all achingly beautiful and haunting. It's all slash 'n' burn,
no-holds-barred. It's all music played with such honesty and abandon that
you want to stay up til dawn - drinkin', weepin' and hollerin'.
In Addition to playing music and other pursuits I run the Tai Chi Center isn Saratoga Sprigs, NY
The Tai Chi Center offers many programs on Chinese energy work, meditation and internal martial arts. Classes are offered for all levels and ages. There are ongoing classes, as well as, special workshops. All classes are taught in an open, relaxed environment. Master Mark Tolstrup is a dedicated practitioner of the internal martial arts with over 25 years of teaching experience. Mr. Tolstrup has studied Yang Style Tai Chi with Grandmaster William C.C. Chen and is a certified as an instructor by the William CC.Chen School of Tai Chi Chuan since 1993. Mr. Tolstrup was awarded the highest level diploma from the William C C Chen School of Tai Chi Chuan in 2005  In addition to other Tai Chi forms  Kempo Karate, has studied Kempo Karate, Tai Chi, meditation, Qi Gong and Chinese internal martial arts with many masters including T. K. Shih, William C.C. Chen, Jou Tsung Hwa, Mantak Chia, B. P. Chan, B. K. Frantzis, Frank Allen and many others.